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The Proclamation of Bradylogists

The Academy of Bradylogists brings together researchers, regardless of discipline or status, who consider that their work must take time. The word `bradylogist' is formed from the Greek root βραδύς (slow) and λόγος (word, speech). In this it is similar to the initiative of the slow science academy (http://slow-science.org).

Members reaffirm that scientific knowledge, even if it spreads and takes hold, is never conclusively established. In order to progress, it is questioned, critiqued and reviewed by peers: it takes time to think differently and sometimes it takes time to be wrong.

Consequently the Academy of Bradylogists:

  • condemns the excessive use of competitive funding of projects, which is replacing the regularly recurring funding of researchers,
  • condemns the excessive use of labels, evaluations and judgments; only time can judge.

These excesses consume the time, even the morals, of bradylogists, and therefore are detrimental to the work they perform.

To its members, the Academy of Bradylogists offers nothing but the sense of belonging to a community of thought. All adopt this text as a moral charter.

To be a member of the Academy of Bradylogists one must practice a research activity leading to peer reviewed publications, and agree to publicly share one's contact information and research topic (described in five lines of text) on the website of the Academy. Registration is valid for a period of five years and is automatically renewed. Upon request, any member may leave the Academy.

Bradylogists are required to:

  • describe themselves as members of the Academy of Bradylogists in publications, seminars, etc.,
  • present their research to an audience of bradylogists, at least once during the five years of registration; the bradylogists agree to announce this seminar on the website of the Academy.
The present charter is also available in pdf format (here).